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New PTO Bracket Stops Spray Pump Problems
"You almost can't believe the way it remedies pto pump problems," says farmer-inventor Neil Rowe, Garwin, Iowa who manufactures the "Pump Doctor" bracket for pto spray pumps.
When used together with a chain flex coupler, Rowe says the bracket solves most problems associated with pto pumps, including vibration and the leaky seals and bent shafts it can cause.
"I've fought this problem for 30 years on my own equipment. Most pto shafts get bent or slightly distorted once they're used. A 5 thousandths of an inch distortion is enough to cause a tremendous vibration when you mount a pump. Our bracket holds the pump rigidly to the tractor frame and the flex chain coupler eliminates the effect of the distortion in the shaft," says Rowe, noting that use of the chain coupler alone wouldn't solve the problem because the chain can't adequately support the weight of the pump and hoses.
Rowe makes brackets to fit nearly every combination of tractor and Hypro or Delavan pumps. On most tractors the bracket fastens with four bolts to the pto bearing retainer bolt circle around  the shaft, and attaches to the pump with four bolts. No drilling is required. Pump Doctor brackets range in price from $114 to $129.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Neil Rowe, Pump Doctor, Garwin, Iowa 50632 (ph 515 499-2119).

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