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Air System Replaces Bottom Silo Unloaders
A forage handling system that uses air and packer wheels to load and unload silos is replacing expensive bottom unloaders in Harvestores throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.
The Neuero Corp., a German-based company with headquarters in West Chicago, Ill., says farmers are doing away with the breather bags in their sealed silos and sealing up the bottom unloaders in order to convert to the convenience of air handling and the increased storage capacity possible with the Neuero system, which FARM SHOW first featured nearly 4 years ago.
"Our equipment works well in Harvestores because it does away with the expensive maintenance of bottom unloaders and packs the silage as it's loaded. As a result, Neuero-equipped Harvestores hold 1/3 more silage," says Neuero representative Mike Hill, noting that silage is so tightly packed all oxygen is squeezed out and spoilage eliminated. "The quality of our silage is as good or better than any so-called sealed unit."
Silage is packed by a large disk assembly that raises and lowers along with the blower/suction pipe of the air system. For unloading, the disk assembly tears up the forage, even if frozen, and moves it to the system's central suction pipe. One blower system can be used to serve two silos with an unloader in each unit. When unloading, the blower simply sucks the silage out and blows it into wagons or to a feeding system.
One big advantage of the Neuero system is that it can handle forage of a longer length as well as higher moisture contents. "We can handle forage cut at lengths of 4 in. and material at up to 70% moisture, neither of which a bottom unloader can do," says Hill, noting that the Neuero conversion kit for Harvestores has been particularly popular in Europe because farmers there prefer the longer chop length.
To convert a Harvestore, the company cuts doors into the side of the structure as well as holes in the top to accommodate the unloader. Vent holes are needed to allow for the suction of the blower/suction pipe. A feeding system can be connected to the unloader blower that'll carry feed "on air" as far as 300 ft. from the silo.
The Neuero system can be installed in existing silos for anywhere from $13,000 to $20,000 depending on the set-up. That includes the blower with 40-hp. electric motor and the filling and unloading system. The replaced bottom unloader can usually be sold. The system can also be installed in less expensive concrete, or other types, of silos.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Neuero Corp., 1201 Hawthorne Lane, West Chicago, Ill. 60185 (ph 312 231-9020).

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