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Warm Up Jacket For Underground Pipes
Water pipes don't have to be buried below frost if they're protected with Underground Insulated Conduits, an exciting new energy saver developed by Salvatore Reale, president of A-I Drafting and Design, Preston, Md.
Suppose, for example, you're running water pipe through an area where, because of trees, rocks or other obstructions, it's difficult to dig a deep "below frost" trench. Thanks to Salvator's UIC (Underground Insulated Conduit«), you only have to dig a trench 18 in. deep.
The system features 5 ft. lengths of styrofoam insulation which slip together at the ends and are joined with a special glue-sealant. Individual sections of styrofoam conduit are 18 in. square with a 4 in. dia. hole in the center. Metal or plastic pipes are then placed inside the insulated "jacket". Special metal hangars keep the pipes, or pipe, suspended in the center of the 4 in. dia. opening.
In addition to underground frost protection for water pipes, Salvatore feels his UIC system has many other on-farm and industrial uses.
"Several companies have introduced outside furnaces which use hot water, circulated through underground pipes, to heat farm homes,. livestock barns and other buildings," Salvatore points out. "By running the pipe through Underground Insulated Conduits, hot water can be piped long distances with very little temperature drop."
Salvatore notes that his UIC system could also be used to keep hot water hot ů or to keep cold water from freezing ů inside buildings where freezing is a problem, such as in crawl spaces.
Another advantage is that long underground sections of plastic pipe threaded through Underground Insulated Conduit« can expand and contract without stress since the pipe isn't in direct contact with soil.
Salvatore hopes to have his Underground Insulated Conduit« in commercial production later this summer. Meanwhile, he'd be happy to "compare notes" with interested FARM SHOW readers on custom-designed on-farm applications of the system.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, A-I Drafting & Design, Salvatore Reale, President, Rt. 1, Box 198, Preston, Md. 21655 (ph 301 673-7200).

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