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Dust Helmet Also Filters Out Chemicals
The manufacturer of the popular Airstream Dust Helmet, which has been featured several times in FARM SHOW, has come up with a new helmet with interchangeable filters that let you use it for both dust and farm chemicals.
Distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Mike Nelson, Nelson Equipment Co., the new Breathe Easy helmet features a lightweight belt-mounted air filtration unit that pulls air in through three screw-on filters and then feeds the resulting fresh air to the helmet. This positive air flow feature makes breathing easier and filters are available for all types of gases, vapors, pesticides, herbicides and virtually any other breathing hazard.
Nelson says many farmers are so allergic to crop chemicals they can't go near them, much less apply them to crops. The new helmet allows them to do their work normally. And, when working under windy conditions, or spraying orchards, it will ensure fresh air for any operator.
The new Breathe Easy has a rechargeable battery that's good for 8 hrs. without recharging. The helmet fits any size head and will fit over glasses. It has been approved by government safety boards.
The Breathe Easy, complete with chemical filters, sells for $475. The filters last about 1 year and sell for $13.50 apiece.
Nelson notes that the popular Airstream Dust Helmet, which is designed for dust filtration only, has recently been reduced in price to $229 by the manufacturer. The Airstream is the ideal helmet for farmers not concerned with chemical filtration.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Airstream Dust Helmets, Nelson Equipment Sales, Rt. 1, Box 20, Elbow Lake, Minn. 56531 (ph toll-free 800 328-1792 or 612 284-2418 in Minn.).

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