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Build A Crime Fighting Dummy
The Jasper County Farm Bureau, located about four miles outside Rensselaer, Ind., used to have lots of trouble with break-ins due to its isolated location and the amount of valuable equipment the offices contain. All that stopped when "Albert" was installed.
When the burglar problem got bad about 8 years ago, they could have installed various alarm systems but the manager decided to try a "dummy" alarm in the form of a wire and paper mache lifesize figure made by his son as a school project.
Nicknamed Albert, the figure looks like it's going about some kind of business and, even during the day, it looks scary. There haven't been any break-ins since Albert took his stand in the office, although one night a patrolling deputy sheriff almost took a shot at Albert, thinking he was a burglar. Mike Hanley, manager of the operation, says the idea might well work in farm shops or any other place with valuable equipment or tools.
The Indiana crime-fighting dummy is similar to a life-like house sitter featured in FARM SHOW two years ago. Invented by Pricilla Larson, Lexington, Mass., after two robberies, "Hercules" is a life-size model on flexible wire frame that lets him be positioned in a variety of positions. He can be positioned at the kitchen table when nobody's home or you can even take him along in the car to scare away would-be criminals.
Pricilla wrote a book that explains how to make your own dummy. The booklet sells for $4.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rogers Publications, Pricilla Larson, Box 444, Lexington, Mass. 02173 (ph 617 862-8918).

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