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A Desparate Farmer's Answered Prayer
"By the summer of 1964 my uncle Roger Geisbert had had five bad crop years in a row due to drought," says Paul Geisbert, Sr., Frederick, Maryland, who speaks throughout the country at churches and schools about what happened on his uncle's farm that dry summer.
"Nearly all feedstocks in the area had been depleted and my uncle, who had a small herd of purebred milking shorthorn cattle, knew he wouldn't be able to feed those cattle unless we got rain. Unfortunately, his hay, barley, and wheat crops were all failures. He was down to his corn crop. The stalks were already beginning to dry up when my uncle went out to the field, knelt down and prayed right there in the cornfield for rain. As he finished his prayer he asked for a sign that he had been heard. As he got up, the sky was clear with only one visible little white cloud.
"Before he could get back to the house, a beautiful fresh shower of rain was falling, just enough to lightly wet the ground. The next day we got a good soaking rain that was enough to fill out the corn. My uncle knelt down again and thanked God for the rain.
"He was 76 at the time and shucked his corn by hand. As we shucked the second shock in that field one ear began shaking in his hand as he threw it onto the pile. He picked it up to look more closely and found a red cross of kernels on an otherwise normal ear of yellow-kerneled corn. He looked around and realized he was standing almost exactly where he had knelt down and prayed some weeks earlier."
With the help of a nearby manufacturer, Paul and his uncle preserved the ear of corn by encasing it in a block of clear plastic.

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