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Front 3-Pt Hitches for Big Tractors
A new tow-behind "engine-powered" mower, pulled alone or in tandem behind your riding mower or ATV, lets one person cut two or three times more grass.
The mowers can be pulled with an offset hitch that lets you pull one or more mowers behind your riding mower. Or, you can install a straight hitch between the ATV and one mower, then hook an other mower to the first one using an offset hitch hooked to the rear corner of the mower.
The mowers are fitted with their own engines, four gauge wheels, and are available in 48- and 60-in. cutting widths.
"You can buy three engine-powered mowers for the price of one riding lawn mower. If you buy just one to tow behind your riding mower, you'll double your cutting width for $1,500 compared to spending $5,000 for a new riding mower. One 50-in. riding mower pulling a 60-in. engine-powered mower cuts an 8 ft., 11 in. swath, allowing for 3 in. overlap. You can cut 5 acres per hour with a 50-in. riding mower pulling one 60-in. mower, and 6 1/2 acres per hour when you pull two 60-in. mowers."
Adams, who operates a lawn care business, mows nearly a dozen yards in two local towns. Previously he used three riding mowers - two 60-in. models and a 50-in. model. Now he tows two 60-in. mowers behind the 50-in. riding mower and cuts as much grass by himself as three men did before.
The mowers go underneath shrubs and trees with no problem, making it easy to trim around trees and low-growing plants, says Adams.
The 4-ft. wide model is powered by an 8 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and the 5-ft. model has an 11 hp Briggs & Stratton engive.The engines are available with a choice of electric or recoil start. The mower's front two gauge wheels provide free-turning action. The two rear wheels are stationary. Wheels adjust to eight different positions to provide cutting heights from 1 to 5 in. The mower deck weighs 390 lbs. The offset hitches swing up out of the way for transport, allowing you to snap a triangleshaped transport hitch for direct center pulling. "The mower's front wheels swivel, but the rear wheels remain rigid, so when the mowers are hooked together in line you have a two-wheel trailer you can drive or back in anyplace," notes Adams. A Deere riding lawn mower and two mowers hooked together in line by a travel hitch fit nicely on a 16 ft. trailer, he adds.
The mowers, which are shipped disassembled, sell for $1,579 with a straight hitch, and $1,654 with an offset hitch.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Adams Enterprises, 417 Dietz St., Marengo, Ill. 60152 (ph 815 568 8897).

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