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Bale Hauler Doubles as a Covered Feeder
"My new-style round bale hauler is the first bale transport that also doubles as a covered feeder," says inventor James Newman, Belleview, Mo.
The "Hay Hand" is a single-bale trailer equipped with a 2-ft. long spear and a hook and cable that connects to a tongue-mounted winch. You back the trailer up to the bale, spear it, put the hook in the back end of the bale, and manually winch the bale up till it stands on end.
"It works great for small farmers who'd like to make round bales but can't justify buying a tractor big enough to handle them. You can pull the unit with a pickup and when you're done, the pickup is free to haul to her things. Another advantage of the Hay Hand is that the bale is positioned endwise so you can wrap it manually with protective plastic," says Newman.
The bale hauler can be used with or without the 8-ft. square covered bale feeder in place. The feeder simply bolts to the frame of the trailer and can be used without the metal roof. "It makes a great bale feeder because you can move it so easily if it gets muddy around it," says Newman.
The trailer sells for $495, and the feeder and roof each sell for $150.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Newman & Assoc., Box 103, Belleview, Mo. (ph toll-free 800 543-2837).

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