Sit Down Walker For The Elderly

Wesley Erkel knew that elderly, geriatric patients in nursing homes and hospitals should be able to move around freely for independence and a feeling of self-worth. He didn't like the four-legged walkers commonly used because "they are too slow and they may tip over, injuring the patient."

As a solution, Wesley built this four-wheeled cart that lets the person sit down, while still allowing them quick, easy movement. "It gives old people more mobility and a sense of security," Wesley told FARM SHOW.

The cart is made of steel tubing that's been bronze-welded at the joints. A set of 5-in. caster wheels provides mobility. The seat is pegged into the cart and can be adjusted up or down for comfort and ease of movement. "It's designed to be fairly high so the person can get to his or her feet easily," Wesley notes. There's a security gate on the front that encloses the person in the cart and prevents them from falling out forward.