New Adapter Cuts Oil Filter Costs

"I was tired of paying for Deere spin-on oil filters," says Leo Kuiper, Archer, Iowa. "The cost adds up fast, especially when you change the oil every 100 hours."

To cut costs, Kuiper developed an adaptor designed for large 6 cylinder diesel engines on Deere tractors and combines with 404 or larger blocks.

"It takes just a minute to attach the adaptor because it screws on where the oil filter normally spins on," reports Kuiper. "Along with the adaptor comes a steel canister that holds the less expensive Baldwin (or other brand) filter and attaches to the adaptor. Now, farmers can use throw-away filters and save some money. Together, the can and adaptor weigh 6 lbs."

"We've used this invention on 3 of our tractors since last spring without any problems," Kuiper told FARM SHOW.

A  Deere official cautions potential users to check with their local dealers to see how this unit might affect the warranty on new tractors.

Kuiper has no plans for building adapters for other tractors.