Build Yourself A Poultry Plucker

Mechanical poultry and waterfowl pluckers have been available "factory made" for quite a while in various styles, but this is the first one we've seen that can be put together from a kit.

Compared to complete "factory made" pluckers which cost about three times as much as the new North Sports Plucker Kit. For plucking only ducks or geese, a simpler plucker head can be mounted on your own electric motor.

The North Sports goose plucker head has short ribbed fingers that pick the feathers from a dry bird. Besides the separate head, the company offers a motorized unit and DC unit that will run off an automobile battery.

A refinement of the waterfowl plucker is the chicken plucker kit, which contains plucker head, mandrel, and 2-step pulley.