Homemade Dolly Moves Grain Augers Easily

If you've been looking for an easier way to move a heavy grain auger into position, this build-it-yourself auger dolly may be just what you need. "It will work with almost any portable auger equipped with a hitch," points out Bob Fanning, Farm Safety Specialist at North Dakota State University, Fargo, who designed the auger dolly.

Fanning suggests locating suitable wheels before building the dolly, since wheel shaft size will determine axle size, hitch angle and handle height. Fanning suggests 12-in. dia. hard rubber wheels with a 1-in. hub. Wheels with smaller than a 1-in. dia. hub are not strong enough to support the weight of the auger, according to Fanning.

An axle is constructed of 1-in. pipe. A 1-in. steel shaft is inserted through the wheel holes and inside the 1-in. pipe for extra support. Cotter keys inserted through holes in the ends of the pipe hold the wheels on the axle.

Handles are made of 3/4 or 1-in. pipe welded onto the axle and reinforced with strap iron at the joints. A hitch is formed out of 3/8-in. mild steel and wraps around the axle. With the handle placed at a comfortable working height, the hitch is positioned horizontally to the ground and welded in place. Fanning suggests covering the handle with PVC pipe to insulate it in case of contact with overhead power lines.

"About the only expense is in buying the wheels, PVC pipe and welding rods. The rest of the materials can come from scrap," Fanning told FARM SHOW.