New Freeze-Proof Cattle Drinker

New from Fibernetics is an energy-free Cattle Drinker that requires no electricity, gas or auxiliary heat to keep it from freezing in sub-zero weather. Ground water provides the warmth to keep it from freezing in winter; and to keep it cool in summer.

The Cattle Drinker is heavily insulated with fiberglass and urethane, similar to that used in boat construction. A water dam in the tank, combined with insulated lids, seals water in the tank from the outside air.

To operate the unit, animals lift the lids with their noses and drink through a drinking well. The inside water dam seals water in the tank from water in the well, thus preventing air from passing through the drinker, saving the heat. The make-up water that refills the Drinker is warm and this heat is stored until more animals drink, bringing up more warm water.

To keep the cattle drinker operating properly, a minimum of 15 animals is required. The unit can handle up to 150 head of cattle.

The unit is designed to water beef or dairy cattle, but can also be used to water horses and sheep. A rubber tire on top acts as a bumper for the lids as animals "nose" them open to drink.