Feedbunks Made From Tractor Tires

"They're indestructible, injury-proof, easily moved, and you get very little feed waste," says Merlyn Hilt, St. Francis, Kan., who's doing a booming business with a special machine he built for turning used car, truck and tractor tires inside out.

In addition to feedbunks, the inverted tires can also be set in concrete and used as water tanks. Other uses include -- unloading hoppers for grain augers, salt feeders, flower pots, and sandboxes for kids.

You can buy used tires which have already been turned around with the special machine. "We'll go most anywhere if enough tires have been stockpiled to make it worthwhile. It takes 15 to 50 tires to make a job pay, depending on distance," Hilt told FARM SHOW.

He adds that turning tires inside out boosts their capacity 30%. The machine not only turns the tire completely inside out, but also cuts off the top bead to give the turned-around tire more feed or grain holding capacity.

Another advantage is that the converted tire feedbunks are of a convenient height for virtually all age cattle. "Even young calves can reach over the edge," Hilt points out. "And, older animals can reach far enough to the center of the bunk to completely clean out each feeding -- which avoids problems with stale feed. Another advantage is that the feedbunks are portable and easily moved from one location to another by one person. What's more, it's virtually impossible for animals to get cut or injured on one of these inverted tire bunks."