Conversion kit Turns Grain Augers Into Belt Conveyors

If your auger chews up grain, you'll like this new kit that converts "grain-grinding" augers into "grain-friendly" belt conveyors.

"We can virtually eliminate grain damage," says Duayne Leys, who manufactures the kits. "Conveyors can handle a greater variety of products and they're safer and longer-lasting than conventional augers. Plus, our rubber belts are self-cleaning so there's virtually no chance of cross-contamination when switching from one crop to another."

Western Conveyor and Machine's conversion kit consists of both top and bottom roller drive units. The top end is equipped with a discharge spout and the bottom end with a 36-in. sq. hopper. There are also belt return rollers and brackets that mount underneath the auger tube every 4 ft.

The kit includes a continuous Mini Chevron rubber belt that measures 3/16 in. thick and has small rubber cleats across it to keep the material moving. The belt is good to 20 degrees below zero, Leys notes.

"Conveyors are ideal for moving any kind of specialty crop, but can be used with corn and soybeans, too," Leys says. "Our most popular conversion kits fit 8-in. dia., 45-ft. long augers or 10-in. dia., 45-ft. long augers. It takes two men two or three days to complete the conversion. The kit may slightly reduce capacity at steep inclines."