"Unplugger" Clears Balers From Tractor Seat

You'll like this new "unplugger" that lets you unplug balers from the safety of your tractor seat.

Jerry Schmitcke's prototype "Inforcer" was introduced at the recent Minnesota Inventors Congress at Redwood Falls, Minn. It consists of a pivoting 2 1/2-in. dia. double-strength steel pipe that mounts between the baler frame rails at the end of the pickup area. The pipe is fitted with a plate that extends widthwise all the way across the head of the pickup. The plate is equipped with four 4-in. steel hooks underneath to help push hay and weedy material through the pickup.

The system operates with a 2 1/2 by 8-in. hydraulic cylinder and valve connected to the tractor hydraulics.

To operate, you open the valve to rotate the pipe and push the plate and hooks back towards the baling chamber to unplug the baler.

Can be adapted to fit virtually any round baler and is expected to be on the market soon.