Loader-Mounted Fencing Machine

"I can put up 2,000 to 4,000 ft. of high tensile wire fence per day working by myself," says Brad Halbrook, Shelbyville, Ill., who uses a custom-built fence machine that quick-taches to the front-end loader on his Deere 5300 tractor.

The "Super 7000 unroller", as Halbrook calls it, was built to his specifications by Fleshner Welding & Repair. He builds high tensile fences that have up to seven wires and are up to 60 in. high. The rig can hold up to seven spools of wire. The operator drives backward to unroll wires off the spools. A compression spring mounted on a spindle at the center of each spool serves as a brake and can be tightened as needed with a wrench. Each spool pivots to the side for loading and unloading of wire rolls.

Halbrook, who has been a professional fence builder for 8 1/2 years, covers a territory of up to 180 miles from his home base. He uses high tensile wire with a breaking strength of 1,300 to 1,400 lbs.

He uses fiberglass fence posts that are pre-drilled so no insulators are needed. He places them 30 ft. apart.

He paid for the fencing machine and says it can be also be built to mount on the tractor's 3-pt. hitch.