Mobile Shelter Provides Temporary Protection

Pennsylvania craftsmen Sam Blank Jr. and his father built a sturdy steel canopy system onto a portable feed trough, then built several more units and created a nice business in the process. They rent the canopies to families and businesses that use them to shelter horses during weddings, auctions, company picnics and other events. Blank Jr. says, “We came up with the idea when it occurred to us that horses should be out of the elements just like people rather than being tied outside in the sun, rain and cold.”


   The canopy is built onto 30-ft. long portable feed troughs that they buy from Farmco Manufacturing. Four pieces of 6-ft. steel tubing mounted vertically on each side of the trough and cross bracing for the roof supports the main canopy. Before setup, the trailer is stabilized with four drop legs and a battery-powered tongue jack. Fold-out steel rafters and legs on each side provide additional support and the space to create a 30-ft. long by 30-ft. wide temporary structure. White canvas rolls across the top of the canopy, down the sides and around the ends to provide a weather-tight shelter for 25 to 30 horses.


   Blank Jr. says, “We’ve had neighbors and people nearly 20 miles away rent the shelters. I pull it with our JCB Fast Trac and charge $130 a day plus $30 for setup. In warm weather, with the sides up, they provide shade like a tree. In wet or cold weather with the sides and ends down it’s a comfortable place for 25 to 30 horses.”


   The idea has been so successful that the Blanks have built nine of them.


   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sam Blank Jr., JR Rentals, 203 Churchtown Road, Narvon, Pa. 17555 (ph 717-740-9962).