Bucket Built From Truck Toolbox & Winch

With a winch, an old toolbox and a little ingenuity, Mike Heron built a small bucket for his Suzuki 4-WD quad for garden and yard work.


   The inexpensive 2,000-lb. winch hooks up to the quad’s battery and the cable runs next to square tubing secured by brackets on the quad. An inner square tube is fixed, while the outer tube slides up and down when operated by the winch.


   “As it lifts to a certain height, a plunger on the lifted square tubing engages a slot on the stationary inner tubing so when the winch is reversed, the bucket tips. When the bucket is lifted, the plunger disengages the slot by a switch-operated solenoid and the bucket can be lowered,” Heron explains.


   He stood in the bucket to test it and figures the bucket can easily handle up to 200 lbs. He made it by cutting an old 3-ft. truck toolbox on the diagonal and adding a pipe to attach the winch cable. The bucket attaches to a bracket on the bottom of the quad with four bolts.

Heron also made a blade from a curved piece of steel from his scrap pile, that also uses the winch.


   Both pieces of equipment come in handy to scrape or move dirt or debris in his garden, Heron says.


   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Heron, RR 1 Site 1, Box 1, Main Station, Lloydminster, Sask., Canada S9V 0X6 (ph 306-821-6367; m.heron@sasktel.net).