Heís Busy As A Bee At Age 17

Jonah Hauser never intended to start a business raising bees and making honey-related products. But the 17-year-old entrepreneur works as beekeeper, product developer, and marketer for his own Hauserís Honey Company in Detroit Lakes, Minn.


Hauser and his father, Gene, invested in equipment and a couple of beehives in 2020 in the hopes of finding a cure for their allergies. They had heard that eating honey from the area you live in exposes you to small amounts of local pollen and desensitizes you to allergens. Since he and his family started making raw, unfiltered honey a daily part of their diet, theyíve suffered less from allergies.


When the 50,000 bees they started with quadrupled, the Hausers suddenly had more honey than they needed, and the teenager decided to start a honey business.


Besides selling raw honey, he makes use of the beeswax with a line of flavored lip balms that he calls Stinger Balm. And he makes a thick, crystallized honey product called Sugar Lip Scrub thatís used to exfoliate dry lips.


Hauserís newest product is Hot Honey, which he makes by warming honey and infusing it with habanero, chipotle and chili peppers.


Besides the physical work of the business, he takes care of the bookwork, taxes, ordering supplies, label design, and printing. He purchased an observation hive that he sets up in his booth at markets and to teach kids at area camps.


ďI donít like sitting still,Ē Hauser says, adding that his dad is his No. 1 role model.


Besides local sales, he sells products through his website.


Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jonah Hauser, Hauserís Honey Co., Detroit Lakes, Minn. (www.hausershoneyco.com; hausershoneyco@gmail.com).