Tractor Loader Fitted With Two Snow Blowers

When Tony Negen found two walk-behind snow blowers on clearance for only $460 for the two of them, he decided to mount both blowers on front of his Kubota loader tractor.


   The key to the simple fabrication was building a steel framework with tubing at the bottom that slipped over the loader forks. The frame was designed to nest the wheels of the two snow blowers, so they had a solid base. One negative was that they were not identical, so one side was different from the other.


   Negen threw a ratchet strap over the two machines to hold them in place. Whenever he needed a walk behind, it was easy to dismount one.


   “The only challenge was to make the frame, so the cutting edges of the scoops angled down in front of the forks,” recalls Negen. “The only modification of the blowers was to bolt the sides of the scoops together.”


   Another problem was the lack of snow spout redirection from the tractor seat. Even that wasn’t a deal breaker.


   “The snow spouts aren’t a real problem,” says Negen. “I always try to blow with the wind, so I set them when I start the engines.”


   He used the dual blowers for two years before upgrading to a larger rear mount blower. “They worked a whole lot better than I thought they would,” says Negen.


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