Tree Stand Doubles As A Game Cart

      Delmar Miller of LaGrange, Ind., is a long-time hunter who didn’t like having to haul so much equipment to the woods for deer hunting.


   His 20-ft. aluminum tree stand folds down onto an easy-to-roll game cart. The idea came to him after years of hauling a tree stand out to the woods, bagging a deer, and then having to head home to get equipment to haul the deer home for processing.


   “I used to go out with a portable climber type of tree stand,” he recalls. “But it wouldn’t work on trees with a bunch of limbs on it. I wanted something that would work on any tree.”


   Miller’s stand is 20 ft. fully extended and leads up to a small platform with a seat. The seat is attached to the platform. A safety strap secures the platform to the tree.


Getting a ladder that tall to collapse onto a game cart took some work. He thought about the concept for a year and took another 8 mos. to create a working prototype.


   “The powder-coated, lightweight ladder itself is 18-ft. tall and it divides into three 6-ft. segments,” Miller says. There are hinges on the ladder that allow it to fold.


   “The platform and seat both fold down too,” he says. “When everything is folded up, the game cart is just over 6 ft. long”


   Miller is building his first batch of 10 deer stands/game carts. A N.Y. hunter already bought two stands, and Miller is looking to move the rest of them.


   He’s already had several dealer inquiries about the product, which sells for $900.


   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Delmar Miller, 0440 West 100 S, LaGrange, Ind. 46761 (ph 260-463-2868).