Nifty Way To Store Hitch Pins

“Keeping track of hitch pins and lynch pins on our property, with 3 tractors and a Deere Gator, used to be almost impossible. Even when left in wagon hitches or on a 3-pt. hitch, the pins always seemed to magically disappear,” says Doug Johnson, Aberdeen, Wash., who came up with a simple solution.

            “I found a 5-in. aluminum carabiner at Tractor Supply for $2 and installed an eye bolt on my tractor’s front-end loader post, as shown. That was 6 mos. ago, and I haven’t lost a single lynch pin or hitch pin since,” he says.

            “I could have installed the carabiner on back of the tractor’s rollbar and accomplished the same thing, but since I often swap my loader bucket and forks back and forth, the loader post is more convenient.”

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