Where To Buy A Big Pump

“We had a huge demand for our Dyna Flo Pumps in 2019 because it was such a wet year,” says Dana Rosendahl, president and owner of General Irrigation and Dewatering. “It works well to empty sloughs, clear flooded areas, and transfer pond water,” Rosendahl says.

The Dyna Flo can pump up to 3,000 gal. per minute at 15 ft. of lift. It operates with 540 or 1,000 rpm tractor pto power and uses 12-in. by 50-ft. hoses with ring lock ends. Rosendahl says a Dyna Flo can drain a 40- acre field with a few feet of standing water in a matter of hours.
Rosendahl started his business when he and his son decided they could build a bigger, faster and more affordable pump than the one they were selling at their irrigation business.

“The first guy we rented our new pump to bought it, and the same with the second, so at that point we figured we were onto something,” Rosendahl says. Turns out they really were. Since then the company has built more than 120 of them, using technology from deep well turbines. They keep 3 pumps on hand for rental at all times.

Rosendahl says a major reason for the pump’s success is its simplicity. “A stainless steel shaft delivers power for the pump through cutless water-lubricated bearings. The pto shaft is the only moving part, so there’s nothing to grease below the water line. The Dyna Flo pump rides on 2 wheels like a boat trailer, so backing it into the water isn’t a problem. It’s easy to transport behind a pickup. Just hitch it to a tractor with a 540 or 1,000 rpm pto and back it into standing water,” Rosendahl says. “It primes itself and can start pumping in just 18 in. of water. With the bottom feeder attachment on, it will operate in as little as 6 in. of water.”    A protective screen and housing over the intake keeps residue from entering the pump.

A floating version of the Dyna-Flo has a catwalk and hand rail that allows access to the pump end. A lift pump version is available in sizes that move 500, 1,000 or 1,500 gal. per minute while lifting water from 15 to 40 ft. and pushing it up to 3,000 ft. away.
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Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dyna Flo, Inc., 8973 Highway 1 S, Oakes, N. Dak. 58474 (ph 701 742-3223; www.dynaflopump. com).