Simple Tire Pressure Monitors

To monitor pressure in any tire, just blow them up to correct pressure and screw these pressure sensor caps onto the valve stems.  If pressure drops 15 percent, the sensor caps will alert a small hand-held monitor.

    To check pressure, just hold the monitor near the valve stem and the tire pressure and battery life of the sensor will flash on the monitor screen. It lets you quickly check pressure on all tires before starting out.

    A single unit can monitor a total of 12 sensors. Pairing is automatic as soon as the sensors are powered up.  If pressure drops, the monitor will receive an alert within 5 to 15 seconds so you can fix. 

    Wheely Safe, Ltd., also released the world’s first alert system that tells the driver if a wheel is working loose, and if a hub is overheating. Michelin tire is distributing  Wheely Safe products in Europe.