Loader-Mounted Sickle Mower

The front-mount sicklebar mower from I & J Manufacturing makes it easy to see what youre cutting. Its designed for use with skid steers, front-end loaders on standard tractors, and even mini-tractors. All thats needed is hydraulic power and a quick-attach configuration.

These mowers are great for using along pond edges and fences, as well as around posts and other obstacles, says Jacob Blank, I & J Manufacturing. Its ideal for getting under high tensile fence lines.

The mowers have an ESM double-cutting knife system. Claims for the ESM system, which uses no guards, include no vibration, no clogging, and a wide range of mowing applications. It flexes over rocks and other obstacles.

The mower is available with 5 1/2, 7, 8 and 9-ft. cutting bars and ranges in price from $6,050 to $6,630. The mower with an 8-ft. cutting bar weighs in at about 670 lbs. It has a hydraulic drive that provides cutting action no matter what angle the bar, from horizontal to vertical.

A hydraulic cylinder controls the angle of the cutting bar, says Blank. You could shear a tall hedge with it and mow the top or trim the side of a tree or bush. It can mow anywhere the loader arms position it.