Funnel Twists Into Any Shape

Draining oil from some tractors and trucks and adding new oil can be almost impossible when a loader or engine components get in the way.

That's where the new Form-A-Funnel comes in. When it's not in use, it lies flat. To use it, you just curl it up into whatever shape you need.

If you're taking off a filter that's in an awkward spot, you can make a trough to direct oil out away from the engine. And if you're putting oil into a regular opening, you can simply curl it into a regular funnel shape.

Form-A-Funnel consists of a piece of lead sheeting encased in a flexible rubber cover that's impervious to oil and gas. Even brake fluid and battery acid won't harm it and it'll handle temperatures up to 450 degrees.

The lead sheet has no "memory" so you can continually bend and twist the 6 1/2 by 14-in. funnel into virtually any shape.

It's available at NAPA Auto Parts and other auto and farm stores.