Heavy Duty Sprayer Built For UTV's

"Our new heavy duty, slide-in sprayer is designed specifically for heavy duty utility vehicles. It's versatile enough to use on yards and fence lines as well as in pastures and fields," says distributor Darrell Ifft, Fairbury Fastener and Supply, Fairbury, Ill.
    The Enduraplas Field Boss sprayer comes with a  60-gal. tank, 4-stroke Honda pump, a 13, 20, or 26-ft. breakaway boom, and a 50-ft. hose reel with a hand-held spray wand. The entire unit mounts on a steel frame, allowing you to use a forklift to lift it into the back of the UTV.
    The sprayer comes with a hinged metal control arm equipped with 3 valves that swings forward next to the operator, making it easy to switch from one side of the boom to the other. A gauge on the control arm shows boom pressure.
    "The control arm is beside you all the time within easy reach, which is really handy. When you?re done spraying, you just swing it back out of the way," says Ifft.
     According to Ifft, utility vehicle manufacturers have been playing catchup with sprayers for years. "Most end users have been using spot sprayers or making their own boom. The Field Boss is built from the ground up just for utility vehicles and comes with high quality features."
    He says utility vehicles are becoming more popular than ATV's for spraying work because they have more capacity. But until now, no one made a sprayer specifically designed for UTV's.
    "Most ATV sprayers have small 6 to 10-ft. booms and a small 15 to 20-gal. tank that has to be refilled often,? says Ifft, "whereas today?s larger UTV's can easily handle a 60-gal. tank. UTV's are also more stable and less likely to tip over, and they have rollover protection. The steering wheel on a UTV also offers more control when driving over bumps and working in corners than an the handlebars on an ATV. Also, another person can ride with you to operate the spray wand."
    He says the Field Boss isn't for light duty or short bed utility vehicles. "You need a UTV with at least an 800-lb. capacity load rating. Also, if your UTV has a tilt bed, you need to secure the front of the bed in order to ensure it doesn't accidentally get tripped."
    Two different kinds of booms are available - galvanized steel and plastic. Also, 2 different nozzles are available for the handheld wand. One works like a garden hose nozzle, and the other works like a "fireman's nozzle" to give you more control over the spray pattern.
     "Both booms are built strong and feature an integrated return breakaway system just in case they hit a tree post or sign, etc. The boom folds in "criss cross" style for secure transport."
    The Field Boss sells for $1,964 without the boom. The complete sprayer equipped with a 20-ft. galvanized steel boom sells for $2,435.80; with a plastic boom, $2,799.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Darrell Ifft, Fairbury Fastener & Supply, 23092 E. 800 North Rd., Fairbury, Ill. 61739 (ph 815 692-3848; darrell@fairburyfastener.com; www.fairburyfastener.com).