Home-Built Hoop Building

Clyde Otto built a wood hoop building that he says is cheaper and better than the commercial alternative. His 28 by 60-ft. building with 4-ft. sidewalls has housed custom-fed heifers for the past 3 years.
    "Some commercial buildings sit on the ground with no sidewalls or doors," says Otto. "Mine has sidewalls, which allows me to use it for livestock, and sliding doors on each end to keep out winter weather. We are up on a ridge and usually have plenty of wind."
    Otto framed his hoop building with wood 2 by 4's. Plywood gussets reinforce each joint. Two 1 by 1-in. wood stringers run the length of the building with angled 1 by 2-in. spreaders reinforcing the hoops. Otto also mounted lengths of 1 by 2 between and at the high point of each hoop.  He mounted 1-in. pvc pipe over the top of each 2 by 4 hoop. They provide a smooth round surface for the stretched tarp cover. Ends were framed in with wood and covered with steel siding. The premium grade tarp was purchased from Troyer Tarp Mfg., Ethel, Mo.
    "I used railroad ties for the sidewall posts and 2-in. thick planks for the walls," says Otto. "It is standing up well."
    The price was right as well. Otto says his hoop building cost about $4,100, including the tarp. The commercial alternative would have cost him $7,000 without sidewalls or door.
    Contact:  FARM SHOW Followup, Clyde Otto, S2260 County V, Hillsboro, Wis. 54634.