Barn Boards Given New Life As Flags

Old barns were typically painted red and white. A Springfield, Ill. reclamation company decided to add a little blue to make barn wood flags.
    They are just one of the many items built from barns that Sangamon Reclaimed takes down in central Illinois, says owner Brian Frieze.
    He tore down his first barn in 2012, and now has a crew of six, who are all firefighters. Four of them, including Frieze, are also veterans. The flags are a good fit, and initially started as a way to give part of the barn back to the owner. Other people liked them, so the company started making "Flags for Heroes" in 3 sizes ranging from 16 by 26-in. ($100) to 32 by 53-in. ($250). Prices include shipping, and part of the profit is donated to military and firefighting foundations.
    Stencils and blue paint are used to create traditional flag stars, and the assembled flag is secured in a mitered frame.
    Frieze and his crew are backlogged with barns to take down around Sangamon County and central Illinois. They're filling a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse with boards, beams and other material saved from barns built in the late 1800?s and early 1900's.
    Social media such as Pinterest has increased interest in barn wood and gives people ideas about what they can make from the material, Frieze notes. DIY'ers and contractors buy material for all types of projects.
    Sangamon Reclaimed employees also build a variety of items.
    "We do a lot of kitchen tables and custom work such as wine bars and "feature" walls for businesses and homes," Frieze says. Fireplace mantles from beams are also very popular.
    The business?s website includes photos of flags and the charities they support. Property owners in the area with old barns can also contact them for information about having barns taken down.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sangamon Reclaimed, 2710 S. 13thˇSt., Springfield, Ill. 62703 (ph 217 891-3030;