Covered Bridge Made From Livestock Trailer

Cattle at the Braunsroth feed yard near Bloomfield, Neb., have their own "covered bridge" made out of a 45-ft. livestock semi-trailer placed over a gully.

"It keeps cattle from having to walk through mud all the time to go across the gully," says Gilbert Braunsroth. "The trailer is 8 ft. wide but only 6 ft. high so a tractor won't fit through it. This is the second livestock semi-trailer we've used in this location. The other one lasted for 15 years."

Braunsroth removed the axles and tires from a 1968 Wilson semi-trailer and cut off both ends. The floor was rusted out so he laid 3 by 12 wooden bridge planks tightly together across it to make a new floor. He then pushed dirt up to each end of the trailer.