Pivoting Fenders For FWD Tractors

An Iowa manufacturer has come up with a new fender for front wheel drive tractors that doesn't bump the tractor when you turn, even when wheel spacing is set narrow for 30-in. rows.

The "Defender" fender mounts on a pivot assembly that bolts onto the wheel hub housing. A "stop" arm bolts onto the tractor's steering axle. As the wheel turns, a guide hits the stop arm, preventing any further movement of the fender.

"Most conventional factory-built fenders on front wheel drive tractors work alright until you move the tractor wheels in for narrow rows. Then you have to remove the fenders or they'll bump into the side of the tractor when you turn short," says Michael Dick, company representative.

An adaptor kit that makes use of existing fenders on Deere MFWD tractors is also available.

Also available is a new high-clearance fender for 2-WD tractors. "It offers six inches of clearance and is the strongest 2-WD fender on the market," says Dick. "Most conventional fenders have less clearance which allows mud to ball up between the fender and tire. Our fender can support 700 to 800 lbs. A built-in step lets you stand on it while refueling or washing your tractor."