3-Pt. Hitch For Pickups

"My new 3-pt. hydraulic hitch lets you use your pickup for chores that previously had to be done with a tractor. It folds up under the bumper when not in use so you never need to remove it," says Jerry Johnson, inventor.

The "Hidden Hitch" is designed to mount onto the rear of any pickup and can be used for everything from moving round bales to grading roads. It's equipped with a pair of 2 1/2 by 8-in. cylinders that are operated by a self-contained hydraulic pump. The pump is mounted between the cylinders and is powered by the pickup's 12-volt battery. A toggle switch inside the cab is used to raise and lower the hitch.

"You can use it to pull small disks, cultivators, plows, and trenchers, and to pick up and transport equipment, roll or unroll fence wire, install or remove fence posts, split logs, etc.," says Johnson. "I've used it on my 1-ton pickup to cultivate weeds between trees on land 20 miles away. It hasn't caused any damage to my pickup in five years. However, it does work best on 3/4 or 1-ton pickups since the hitch weighs 275 lbs. The extra weight gives the rear drive wheels more traction for pulling."

The hitch bolts onto the bumper and frame with just 5 bolts (two holes are drilled into the frame). It folds back under the truck by pulling two pins.