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10-Inch Saw
I needed a power miter saw but good factory-built saws are costly and the cheaper machines are not built for heavy-duty service. I built my own 10-in. saw for in-shop work but it's easily portable for use else-where. It has a comfortable operating handle, the ability to cross-cut a 2 by 6 at 90 degrees, and it didn't cost much to make. It's built of steel plate, angle iron, square tubing and used auto parts. A 3/4-hp. motor belt-drives a ball bearing mandrel mounted on a steel base. The "chop" action is provided by a front auto spindle and hub mounted horizon-tally on a turntable base which in turn swivels on another spindle mounted vertically providing for angle setting. Angle position is controlled by a modified brake assembly from a power tobaggan. Aside from motor, mandrel and blade, the project costs around $30 for parts since I had lots of scrap metal around the farm. With minor dimensional changes, I could easily build a 12 or 15-in. version. We can sell plans if anyone's interested. (M.D. Nelson, Box 27, White Fox, Sask. Canada)

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1990 - Volume #14, Issue #3