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Affordable New Airless Seeder
Concord's new "affordable" Gravity Flow Drill hopper gives you the option of seeding and/or deep-banding fertilizer in one pass in no-till, minimum-till or conventionally-tilled ground at two-thirds the cost of an air seeder.
It's designed to apply seed only, fertilizer only, or both (in split compartment hoppers) at rates from 10 to 300 lbs. per acre. Available in widths from 8 to 40 ft., it serves two markets:
1. For deep-banding only: For this use, the new gravity-flow hopper installs on your existing chisel plow, allowing you to deep band and chisel in one pass.
2. For seeding and deep-banding: "For this use, we don't recommend setting the Gravity Flow Drill hopper on your existing chisel plow," explains Virgil Mahlum, marketing director. "You need precision seed depth control and packing for each row, regardless of field contour. Consequently, for farmers intending to use it for seeding small grains, we sell our new Gravity Flow Drill hopper only for use on our Concord tillage rig¨ the same one we designed and sell for use with our tag-along air system."
Here's how the options pencil out if you're in the market for a combination seeder-deep bander:
The Gravity Flow Drill hopper alone sells for $4,723. A 20-ft. Concord tillage rig, which'll outfit it for both air seeding and deep-banding, has a suggested retail price of $13,460 for a total price ¨ together with the Gravity Hopper ¨ of $18,183. That's about a $9,000 savings over Concord's 150-bu. tag-along air seeder, which sells together with a 20-ft. Concord tillage unit for right at, $27,000. "You save $9,000 with the gravity system and still get the precision depth control and one-pass tilling, seeding and fertilizing," Mahlum points out. "However, the hopper holds only 40 bu. of grain, versus 150 or more in the air system tank, so you sacrifice capacity."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Concord, Inc., 2800 7th Ave. North, Fargo, N. Dak. 58102 (ph 701 280-1260).

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