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Crash cage for ATV's
"The response to it has been overwhelming. Everyone's looking fora way to make ATV's safe and this cage works," says inventor Dan Kincheloe, Kingston, Okla., who started working on his "crash cage" after he was asked by a Texas Congressman to help find a solution to ATV safety problems.
Kincheloe says about 6 million ATV's have been sold since they were first introduced in the 1970's. At least 1,500 people are known to have died in accidents and more than 100,000 are injured each year, many with spinal cord damage and most of them kids.
According to Kincheloe, designing a roll cage for an ATV was not easy. He started with a simple single roll bar but that didn't work because the rider still got tossed around. He decided he had to come up with a cage that would roll the machine back up onto it's wheels no matter which way it turned over. In addition, his "double elliptical" cage is equipped with a safety harness that suspends the rider, holding him or her safely in place as the machine rolls.
"We've tested it in 277 crashes. No mat-ter which way you tip it over, it simply rolls," says Kincheloe. The safety harness becomes part of the seat so it's nearly impossible to operate the ATV without slip-ping into it. "Once you start using the harness you'll never want to drive without it because it makes the rider so much more stable. Makes the machine a lot easier to control and more fun to operate."
The cage bolts to the frame of any 3 or 4-wheel ATV. It includes a screen mesh floor that protects the feet, and a brush screen up front. Cargo-carrying attachments are avail-able for carrying ladders, lumber, tools and other equipment or materials. The entire cage weighs just 62 lbs.
It will soon be available for between $595 and $695.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kincheloe-Taylor, Corporation, P.O. Box 565, Kingston, Okla. 73439 (ph 405 564-2557).

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