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Simple Tool Makes it Easy to Straighten Bent Feederhouse Slats
This simple tool makes it easy to straighten bent feederhouse slats. Most farmers and repair shop mechanics use a torch and a big bar to straighten bent slats. That works but I've found that once a slat has been heated it will snap in two after a little more use. I've used my method for years now and am not aware of any slat that ever broke after being straightened using this tool without heat. You simply place the U-shaped tool over the bent section of a damaged slat and put the center-mounted hook over the slat. Using a 1 1/8-in. socket or wrench, it can then be pulled straight again in seconds. I made it for my own use. So far as I know there's nothing on the market like it. (James Rimmer, Rt. 1, Arkona, Ontario, Canada NOM 1BO)

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1990 - Volume #14, Issue #6