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Dog Collar Works Like A Horse Halter
A new dog collar that works like a horse halter to control with the head and mouth is available from Ameri-Pet, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.
The "Gentle Leader" was invented by Dr. Robert Anderson, professor and director emeritus of the Animal Behavior Clinic at the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinarian Medicine, and Ruth Foster. The collar, similar to a horse halter, controls the whole head like the halter on a horse or cow so it's much more efficient than even a choke collar, says Anderson.
The "Gentle Leader" has one strap that wraps around the upper nose and jaw and another that goes behind the ears. The two straps join together under the jaw. The new-style harness pulls against the back of the dog's head and closes the jaw to control barking, jumping, and pulling away. "When you control the whole head, you control the body," says Anderson. "Dogs pull against pressure as a natural instinct. Gentle Leader uses this instinct by putting pressure at the back of the head on the strong muscles at the back of the neck. When you tighten or pull on a leash attached to the Gentle Leader, its straps pull forward from under the jaw, away from the front of the throat. At the same time, it puts pressure on the straps at the back of the head.
"Gentle Leader provides the `powersteering' you need to stop tugging and choking. It helps you stop unwanted barking - just pull on a leash or cord to close your dog's mouth. There's no need to shout or scold. And you can use it to encourage `controlled sitting'. Simply pull the leash forward and up to raise the dog's nose skyward and say `sit' - there's no need to push down over the hips and rear legs."
According to Anderson, the Gentle Leader is a humane alternative to the choke collar. "Most dog collars choke more than they control because of the way dogs pull against pressure. That's why dogs with choke collars pull on a leash and forge down the street ahead of people, even though pressure on the front of the throat causes pain, choking, gasping and panting. The Gentle Leader works with a dog's behavior instead of against it. You're not fighting the dog, but going with him."
Anderson says the "Gentle Leader" isn't a muzzle because your dog is free to open its mouth to eat, drink, fetch, bark, and bite, except when you pull on the leash to close the dog's mouth.
Sells for $12 to $18.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ameri-Pet, Inc., 511 11th Ave. S., Box 6, Suite 214B, Minneapolis, Minn. 55415 (ph 800-666-3647 or 612 333-7811).

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