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Plastic Cap Liner Protects Your Head
"I made the first prototype two years ago after scraping my head several times while working around machinery and inside the silo," says Neil Coffey, Nora Springs, Iowa who invented lightweight plastic cap liners for farm caps.
Coffey says his liners slip easily into any cap for protection against light bumps and cuts. They're not designed to do the work of a hard hat. The 1/8-in. liner is light - just 3 oz. - and has a series of air holes to keep it cool. It can be moved from cap to cap. Fits just inside the sweat band around the rim of nearly any cap so it won't fall out when you take the cap off. A notch cut out of the rear of the cap allows one size to fit any head except extra large. If you have an extra large head, Coffey simply cuts an extra notch in the liner.
"Recently one fellow was wearing one and hit an elevator. It slit his cap but didn't hurt his head at all," says Coffey, who makes the liners on the farm using a vacuum mold he built himself. He'd like to find a company to market the liners. They sell for $3.00 plus $1.25 postage.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Coffey Cap-Liner, Rt. 1, Box 209, Nora Springs, Iowa 50458 (ph 515 749-2290).

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