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Quick Dump 600 bu Wagon
Richard Clow, Princeton, Minn., built a steep-sided 600-bu. gravity wagon from the shortened-up frame of a junked-out 1959 International tandem axle truck.
Clow stripped the truck of everything but the chassis. He split the tandem axles and mounted one axle at the front of the chassis and one at the rear. He built the box from 14-ga. sheet metal and welded it to the chassis, then welded a hitch to the front axle.
"I hauled grain with 200-bu. trucks until the state of Minnesota decided to double truck license fees," says Clow. "My gravity wagon hauls as much as three trucks and eliminates the need to pay for a truck license and insurance. The axles are equipped with 9.00 by 20 duals which help stabilize the wagon, and springs on the rear axle cushion the weight of a full load against weldwork on the frame. It works great and it cost only $1,500 to build."
In order to give the wagon its deep "V" design for easy dumping, Clow cut the chassis into two separate sections, both of which extend into the wagon box. The front section is high enough so the front wheels can turn 90?. The front axle pivots on a single 3-in. dia. pin that works like a fifth wheel. He made the heavy-duty drawbar from 6-in. channel iron. Clow uses a4-WD tractor to pull the big gravity wagon in wet fields and a smaller tractor on the highway.
He made the box by welding 1-in. angle iron spaced 2 ft. apart onto 14-ga. sheet metal. Lengths of 3-in. channel iron around the top of the box help keep it rigid. Two chains hold the sides of the box together. Grain in the box is unloaded through a bottom opening that opens hydraulically from the tractor cab with a 22-in. long hydraulic cylinder. A 10-in. round opening in the side of the box allows dumping into a farm auger hopper. A 4-in. dia. auger at the bottom of the box moves the last 100 bu. of grain out. The auger is operated by an orbit motor.
Contact: Richard Clow, Box 145, Princeton, Minn. 55371 (ph 612 389-5284).

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