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Toy 4WD Dozer
"I built a toy 4-WD dozer for less than $100 and it works great. The paint cost more than anything else," says Rick Clow, Princeton, Minn., who used mainly scrap parts to build the machine.
The tractor, 42 in. wide and 42 in. long, is powered by a 6 hp Wisconsin engine equipped with rope-wind start and has a 3-speed Chrysler tranmission. It's equipped with a 42-in. wide, 18-in. high blade in front.
"Building it without expensive hydraulics helped keep the cost down," says Clow, who built the unit in 1975. "It works like a skidsteer loader because the dozer's two master brake cylinders are controlled by a hand lever on each side. The operator pulls the lever to stop the wheels on one side, allowing him to spin around. Another lever is used for shifting into low and reverse gears."
He took the axles and tires from a Ford Falcon car and the seat from a 1965 Chevrolet. He shortened the axles on one side, leaving room to mount the transmission. He geared down the transmission by mounting a large sprocket on the differential and a small one on the transmission, with a chain drive leading from the transmission to the rear end.
Clow used 1/4-in. steel plate that forˇmerly lined a chimney to build the blade, which can be manually raised and lowered by pushing on a foot pedal. A latch holds the blade in the "up" position. "If the operator needs extra down pressure on the blade, he just puts his feet on it," says Clow.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Clow, Box 145, Princeton, Minn. 55371 (ph 612 389-5284).

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