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Drive Chain Disconnect For White Planters
You can prevent wear to chains, bearings, and sprockets on White corn planters when traveling on the road with a new drive chain disconnect kit from Clever Tech, Inc., Jesup, Iowa.
The drive chain disconnect fits models 5100 and 6100 (1979 and newer). The kit consists of two rollers, two bushings, a bolt, a spring-loaded arm that supports the top roller, and extra chain links. The top roller keeps tension on the chain and the bottom roller uses the same bolt hole as the planter's original chain tightener. To install, jack up the drive wheel and rotate it until the connecting link is in a convenient location, remove original chain tightener, then re-move offset link and add four links to the chain. To remove the drive chain for trans-port, push down on the top roller, then remove the chain from the drive sprocket and let it ride on the cast iron wheel hub.
"Other planter brands have a factory-built spring-loaded idler or tightener," says Robert Rottinghaus, farmer-engineer. "However, the White 5100 and 6100 planters are equipped with a rigid chain tightener. To remove it, you have to loosen a bolt that's hard to get at. Many farmers don't take the time to do the job and end up wearing out the sprockets and chains."
The company also offers a new insecticide shut off for the White 5100 planter (1984 to 1989 models) that eliminates the need to remove the box when switching from corn to beans.
The drive chain disconnects sells for $24.75 each. Insecticide shut off sells for $19.50 each.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Clever Tech, Inc., 4121 S. Canfield Rd., Jesup, Iowa 50648 (ph 319 827-1311).

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