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Anti-Sucking Device For Cows
If you've had trouble with cows sucking on other cows, you'll like this new anti-sucking device that fits over the head and gives the animal a mild electrical shock if it reaches down to drink.
H. Weiland of Rheintechnik in Germany explains that calves weaned early often still have a sucking urge far beyond what seems normal, resulting in grown cows sucking on other cows.
"Damage and injury to teats and udders is far greater than most farmers think," says Weiland, noting that a German dairy institute estimated that 11 percent of cows have the sucking problem at some point. "In addition to udder damage, the average sucking dairy cow drinks about 21/2 gal. a day which is lost to the bottom line."
The device is powered by a standard 9-volt battery. Four electrodes rest against the cow's forehead. An infrared sensor on the front of the box senses when the head comes up against an object - another cow - and emits a mild shock which causes the cow to pull back.
Sells for $250.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rheintechnik, Weiland & Kaspar KG, 5413 Bendorf/Rhein, Germany (ph 042 42 55 22; fax 042 42 507 88).

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