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Monitor Tells When Combine Hopper Full
Easy-to-use new monitor tells you when grain tank is full.
"I got the idea in 1985 when my Dad got his first big combine, a Deere 7720, and was trying to beat mother nature by harvesting late into the night. Grain would get up past the window of the cab and then it would be a guessing game as to when the tank would be full. Normally, I would be at the farthest most point in the field and the next thing that would happen was that grain would start spilling over onto the ground," says Ron Alexander, Emporia, Kan.
"I would have to stop immediately since if I kept going, the rough field would knock out a lot more grain.
"I wanted a piece of equipment that would let me use the full bin capacity without accidental overfills. I decided to make my own.
"The first one was a crude affair but it worked. Since then I've redesigned them into a first-class production-line product. I even added lights to let me know which side of the hopper fills up first.
"You can easily pay for one is less than a season in grain saved. It's easy to install and I guarantee it. Sells for S89.95 and fits any combine."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Alexander, 902 Lincoln, Emporia, Kan. 66801 (ph 316 342-8270).

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