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Shock Absorber For Tractor Loaders
"It'll pay for itself the first year in reduced maintenance costs," says Kelly Brow, inventor-manufacturer of a "shock absorber" for tractor loaders.
Called the Hydra-Smooth, it's a nitrogen-charged cylinder (22 in. long and 2.5 in. in dia.) which you tap into the lift side of the hydraulic lift cylinder. "By dampening the shock of the hydraulic system, the Hydra-Smooth takes stress off the tractor and the loader itself," says Brow. "For example, suppose it's taking 800 lbs. of hydraulic pressure to support the load the bucket is carrying and you hit a bump, causing a sudden 5001b. boost in pressure. Normally, the tractor and loader have to absorb this sudden jolt, causing undue wear and tear, and possibly equipment breakage. Hydra-Smooth solves the problem by absorbing the shock of the jolt so it doesn't transfer to the tractor, or to the loader frame. The shock absorber also works as a safety de-vice by keeping the front end of the tractor down."
Comes with brackets for easy do-it-yourself mounting on virtually all make and model tractor loaders. A turn of a ball valve lets you turn the shock absorber on or off. "Once installed, there's a brief split-second hesitation in the hydraulic system. But it's so slight you hardly notice it once you get used to it," notes Brow.
Sells for right at $340, including mounting brackets.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kelly's Mfg., 12 Division St., Toppenish, Wa. 98948 (ph 509 865-4446).

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