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All Purpose Cleaner You Mix Up Yourself
"When you buy commercial cleaning fluids, most of what you buy is water," says Bob Keck, Cincinnati, Ohio, who sells his own All Purpose Cleaner in powder form. You mix it up yourself by adding water.
"We think it's the best cleaning product on the market. You can use it for cleaning everything from floors to carpets, windows, mirrors, vinyl, leather, dishes, laundry, live-stock, and just about anything else around the house or barn. I've used it myself for the past 20 years, along with many of my family and friends, and just recently began offering it to farmers. Response has been tremendous because of the convenience and the savings. Liquid cleaners available commercially are 95% or more water. Why pay for water when it's free?" says Keck.
The cleaner is available in 5, 10, 25 and 50 gal. packets. Keck says farmers often mix up a 55 gal. drum full of cleaner and fit the drum with a small hand pump so that family members can fill containers with cleaner as needed for the house or barn. He notes that even when mixed with water, the cleaner is still in concentrate form. "A little goes a long way. When washing windows, for example, you only need a few table-spoons of liquid cleaner per gallon of water," says Keck.
A 5-lb. package of Keck's cleaning powder mixes into 50 gal. of concentrated cleaner. At $49.98 per package the cost per gallon figures out to about $1. A 5-gal. mix kit sells for $4.98. For $1, Keck will send any FARM SHOW reader a 16 oz. sample bottle of the product already mixed. The $1 sample charge is deductible from future orders.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Keck, 11525 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45247 (ph 513 385-2396).

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