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New-style Chaff Spreader
A first-of-its-kind "air-powered" chaff spreader blows chaff out in a wider, more uniform spread, according to the manufacturer, REM Mfg. Ltd., Swift Current, Sask.
The new chaff spreader consists of a blower mounted on the upper side of the combine that's mechanically driven by a pulley off the straw chopper. A 6-in. dia. flexible tube leads from the blower to a rounded chaff tray mounted behind the rear axle and centered between the tires. A diffuser at the end of the hose forces air out both sides of the chaff tray. Chaff moving out of the combine drops into extensions mounted on the combine sieves and into the stream of air blowing through the tray.
"It spreads chaff out further and more uniformly than conventional chaff spreaders without any of the problems associated with them, and it's mechanically driven for greater operating efficiency," says Clarence Zacharias, general manager, who has applied for a patent on the unit. "Chaff spreaders that mount behind the sieve and spreader get their "kick" only from the combine's chopper-spreaders. If the combine slows down, chaff isn't thrown as far. Some chaff spreaders interfere with adjustment of sieves, and they can create a lot of dust behind the combine. This chaff spreader mounts just 1 ft. off the ground. It skims the stubble low to the ground out of the wind for a better spread, and it doesn't interfere with sieve adjustment or combine performance. It requires only 9 hp and needs no hydraulics."
The chaff spreader is designed for Deere 7720, 7721, 9500, and 9600 models. Other combine brands and models are being tested.
Sells for $2,500 (Canadian).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, REM Mfg., Ltd., Box 1207, 2180 Oman Dr., Swift Current, Sask., Canada S9H 3X4 (ph toll-free 800 667-7420 or 306 773-0644).

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