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Base Seal For Grain Bins
"It's a great new way to permanently seal the bottom edge of grain bins to keep out moisture, insects and rodents," says Larry Holt of Chester Inc., a 25-year-old firm specializing in grain storage and handling equipment. "We've tested the product for five years and are now marketing it through-out the U.S. and Canada. It was developed in Australia 10 years ago and has caught on fast with farmers in that country."
Holt notes that grain bins flex as they're filled and emptied, causing the conventional tar seal, which turns brittle soon after application, to crack and chip. This cracking and chipping allows moisture to seep in, setting the stage for rust and corrosion, insects and a host of other problems.
The new brush-on sealant provides a rubbery, permanent seal that flexes as the bin moves without cracking or chipping. "We expect it to last 10 to 15 years with virtually no annual maintenance," says Holt.
Called "Nyloflexil Grain Bin Seal," it consists of an acrylic polymer paste coating which you brush onto the baseline around the bin. You then lay a nylon mesh over the paste and brush another coating of the polymer on top of the mesh. The material dries into a rubbery, flexible protective coating that, unlike tar, doesn't get brittle with age, and requires virtually no year-to-year maintenance. It also tolerates extreme hot and cold temperatures, adapting it to all areas of North America, says Holt.
The sealer can be applied either inside or outside the bin. If applied outside, the bin can be full or empty.
Retail cost of the new product is about $6 per linear foot. Treating a 27 ft. dia. bin, for example, would cost about $575. The only tools requred to apply it are a 4 in. paint brush, a scrub brush, scissors, and a pair of rubber gloves.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chester Inc., Rt. 2, Box MA, Francesville, Ind. 47946 (ph 219 567-9711).

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