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Low cost bale loader for older tractors
"It allows you to handle big round bales with an older tractor without having to invest in an expensive conventional front-end loader," says Jerry Stirewalt, inventor-manufacturer of a self-contained front end bale-loading spear that sells for $995.
"Most used conventional front end tractor loaders sell for $2,000 to $4,000. Ours gets the job done for a lot less money," Stirewalt points out.
Designed to fit virtually all makes of wide front frame tractors regardless of age, it features two independent bolt-on scissors, one for each side of the tractor. The scissors raise and lower a twin-pronged spear for loading and unloading big bales (round or square) onto flatbeds. The spears (1-3/4 in. dia. and 34 in. long) lower to 34 in. off the ground and lift bales a maximum of 60 in. off the ground.
"Mounted on a 65 hp or larger tractor, the loader will handle big round or square hay or silage bales weighing up to 2,000 lbs.," says Stirewalt.
To make it easier to back away from bales once they're loaded, he offers two optional tilt cylinders ($65 each) that tilt the spear ends 30? above or below horizontal.
When not in use, the front spearing unit can be removed by pulling two pins. The "scissors" on each side fold up and can be left on the tractor.
In addition to bales, the self-contained loader can be used as a forklift for handling seed corn and feed sacks, lumber and other materials.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chanute Trailer Mfg. & Sales, Jerry Stirewalt, Pres., 1604 South Plummer, Chanute, Kan. 66720 (1-800 421-4092, or 316 431-4092).

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