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His Mole & Gropher Getter Spins in the Wind
To prevent pesky gophers and moles from destroying vegetables and flowers, desperate farmers and gardeners have tried all sorts of ingenious devices. Some work. Some don't. John Tapert says his invention is one that works.
His invention couples a wood propeller that whirls in the slightest breeze, with a length of music wire that's strummed gently by the turning propeller blades. A thin plywood circular sound board amplifies the musical "bong, bong" much the way a guitar body amplifies the sound of plucked guitar strings. Tapert patterned his device after a weather vane so that it pivots to face into the prevailing breeze. Moving parts are fitted with all-weather nylon bushings to reduce wear.
Two of Tapert's devices, placed in the ground at either end of his 100-ft long garden, foully sent that pesky mole packing. When he replanted the damaged area, Tapert noticed that the continuing vibrations discouraged birds from going after his freshly .slanted seeds.
Tapert dubbed his invention the "Mole, Gopher and Bird Remover" and made up several for his mole-infested neighbors. Within 48 hrs., most yards were completely rid of the underground pests. In cases where mole tunneling continued, moving the de-vice closer to fresh mounds soon sent the moles scurrying for quieter ground. For serious infestations, two units placed side by side proved more than twice as effective as one.
Tapert and his neighbors found that re-turn visits are discouraged by leaving the units in place to continue their pleasant twanging. "I would not want to try gardening without them now that all the under-ground burrowers have moved on," says Tapert. "I keep one at each end of my garden just to keep them out."
Sells for $26. Do-it-yourself plans, or unassembled kits, are also available.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Tapert, 34714 N.E. 145, Duvall, Wash. 98019 (ph 206 788-4905)

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